Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. launches a new configurator solution from Tacton

Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. is launching a new configurator solution from Tacton, which is significantly improving sales and engineering efficiency as well as reducing costs and lead times. Due to Tacton’s configurator solution, Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. can offer customized products just as easily as standard products.

Stockholm, Sweden – June 23, 2010 – Tacton Systems, a global vendor of sales and product configuration software, announced today that Post en Dekker has implemented a Tacton Configurator Solution at Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V.

Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. is a leader in the development, production and supply of integrated processing and filling lines for the dairy, juice, food processing and pharmaceutical (neutraceutical) industries.

By implementing the Tacton Configurator solution, Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. has reduced production costs significantly. Previously an order took about 500 engineering hours, which now has been decreased to less than 40 hours! For example, the time to produce CAD-models, drawings and Bills Of Materials (BOM), with customer-specific order information, has been reduced by 80%.

They also have successfully transitioned to a customized 100% Configure To Order (CTO) automated system, built by standardized components and modules, with the ability to easily supply the customer with products customized to the customer’s needs. The system makes it easy to get required product specifications, forecast an accurate date of delivery, and has drastically reduced Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V.’s order risks.

“We did research into several aspects of the most important product configurator candidates, these aspects included technology, user interface, programmability and presence in the manufacturing industry. Tacton came out best“ says Ir. Eric-Jan Dekker, CEO of Ingenieursbureau Post en Dekker b.v.

“We are pleased to have a solution partner like Post en Dekker to sell and implement our product configurator software to Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V. Thanks to this agreement, more companies will be able to improve their sales efficiency, and reduce costs and lead times” says Christer Wallberg, CEO at Tacton Systems.

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